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16 Mar 2021

Instructions for Online Access

Visit on a laptop or computer and go to LOGIN on the top right corner of the website.      

15 Mar 2021

Simple Way To Lodge Money

The protection of our members & staff are of the utmost importance to us. We are now providing envelopes to make it easier for our members to lodge money without having to come into the office.

14 Mar 2021

Student Loans

Get set for college. Apply for a student loan today with our Low Interest Rate of 6.5 % APR.


What is a nomination?

A nomination is a legally binding, written instruction that tells the credit union what to do with your money after your death. It is a free service to members and we encourage all members over the age of 16 to make a valid nomination.

The nomination service is very valuable to members and their families as it allows access to the nominated funds by the nominee within a very short period of time after the death of the member. While it will not relieve the loss suffered by the nominee, it serves to relieve potential cash flow difficulties.
Members can nominate a person to receive their credit union shares and any insurance benefits up to € 23,000 on their death. Sums in excess of € 23,000 must, by law be paid into the estate of the deceased.

A member can nominate anyone, family, a friend or a group.

If you choose not to fill out a nomination form, the proceeds from your account will form part of your estate on your death and will be dealt with under the terms of your will, or if you have not made a will, under the rules of intestacy or under the small payments provision.

Small Payments Provision

Where no valid nomination exists and the amount in the account is under € 15,000 in total (including insurance etc.) the Board of Directors of Swilly Mulroy Credit Union may without letters of administration or probate of any will, distribute your property in the credit union to such persons as appear to the board to be entitled by law to receive it.

A nomination stands apart from and cannot be varied by the terms of your will or by a codicil to your will.
You may revoke or change your nomination anytime by completing a new nomination form. However, a nomination is automatically revoked when your nominee dies before you. In this case you should complete a new nomination form. If you do not, your property in the credit union will form part of your estate. A nomination is automatically revoked by your subsequent marriage.

Important note: Divorce or legal separation will not revoke a nomination. If your personal circumstances change, eg. marriage, divorce, legal separation, you should review your nomination.